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About Publishing House

"The Baltic medical educational center" was founded in 2009 as the organization specializing on the edition of scientific and practical magazines and educational literature for doctors and experts in various areas of medicine for the purpose of increase of their professional knowledge, exchange of experience, providing to opportunity communication with colleagues. 

The publishing house carries out preparation, release and distribution of the high-quality medical literature lighting the latest developments and the saved-up experience in domestic and foreign health care, fundamental sciences, uniting prominent domestic adherents of St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of our country, universities of the USA, Europe and Asia. Release of joint English-language editions in Russia in Russian was repeatedly carried out. For years of work over thirty large editions, including monographs, the managements, thematic collections were published. In seven years of fruitful work more than 100 issues of magazines in paper and electronic versions were prepared and published. 

Uniqueness of publishing is also that it is realized in close scientific, methodological and practical connection with the scientific and clinical forums of regional, Russian and international levels held by "The Baltic medical educational center". The publishing house carries out all complex of printing and printing services including design, preparation for printing and the press of badges, programs, leaflets, fair brochures, syllabuses, bench reports, collections. 

For successful realization of all tasks of publishing there are necessary organizational and technical resources. Specialists in public relations, the information and analytical directions, editors and technical proofreaders, a complex of printing technologies, legal support are a part of publishing house educational and publishing department. The leading clinical physicians, scientists, administrators in the field of health care are involved in publishing.


Since 2009 — It is based and the scientific and practical reviewed HIV Infection and Immunosupressiya magazine is issued, VAK for the publication of materials of theses since 2010 is recommended;

Since 2010 — It is based and the scientific and practical reviewed "Radiodiagnosis and Therapy" magazine is issued;

Since 2012 — the official publication of Northwest office of the Russian academy of medical sciences the scientific and practical reviewed Medical Academic Magazine magazine Is issued.

Monographs, lectures, collections.

2010 — "A human immunodeficiency virus — medicine", 

2011 — "HIV — the medico-social help", "The out-patient help to the people living with HIV", "HIV — awareness of universal danger or introduction to a problem", "A brain as a target for HIV", "Beam researches of a brain of a fruit and the newborn", 

2012 — "The woman, the child and HIV" "HIV/AIDS today and nearby" - recommendations for the people making decisions;

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