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New Issue - 3/2015

Редакционная коллегия приглашает к сотрудничеству ученых и специалистов профильных учреждений науки и здравоохранения. На рассмотрение принимаются проблемные, оригинальные статьи, научные обзоры, краткие сообщения, дискуссионные материалы по вопросам эпидемиологии, иммунологии, лабораторной диагностики и профилактики диагностики и лечения больных с ВИЧ-инфекцией, а также иммуносупрессий различного происхождения. Работы должны быть оформлены в соответствии с правилами для авторов.


Publishing ethics

All parties involved in publication – authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers – must adhere to ethical standards.



The editorial policy of a journal must be based on objectivity, confidentiality, and disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Manuscripts that do not conform to ethical norms are not accepted for publication. In cases of violation of ethical norms (fraud, plagiarism, simultaneous submitting of a manuscript to several publishers or its improper attribution to authors), manuscripts are rejected.

Unpublished manuscript contents must not be used by editors without written permissions by authors.



All personalities listed as authors must conform to criteria of being an author.

A manuscript must be original. No plagiarism of any sort is allowed.

Submitting a manuscript to several publishers is not allowed. This refers to manuscripts partly published earlier. The only exception is the publication of findings preliminary to those described in the manuscript.

All results presented in a manuscript must be obtained in line with ethical and juridical norms.

All results must be presented clearly, honestly, and without fraud and falsification.

Authors are responsible for their work and the content of their manuscript and collaborate with editors during preparing the manuscript to publication.

Authors must present their rebuttals to reviewers professionally and in due time.

Authors must observe human rights in studies using human-derived materials.

Authors who work with animals and use animal-derived materials must obey currently valid laws and local regulations.

Authors must immediately disclose any conflicts of interests that may arise during the preparation of their manuscript, correspondence with its editors and reviewers, and other editorial work.



  1. Preparing a review must not take more than three weeks. Prolongation of this time is possible only upon agreement with Editor-in-Chief or his/her deputy.
  2. Reviewers must follow the principles of scientific objectivity.
  3. Reviewers must observe confidentiality.

Reviewers must immediately disclose any conflicts of interest that may arise while preparing a review.

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